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#124 – Planned Parenthood in Somerset, PA

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TAPE – 124

(Dialing, phone ringing)

CLINIC: Planned Parenthood. Can I help you?

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was wondering if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: We don’t do abortions here. I can give you a number who does.


CLINIC: Do you have a positive pregnancy test?

CALLER: Well, I took a home pregnancy test over the weekend, and it was positive.

CLINIC: Okay. Do you live around here?

CALLER: I live in Bakersfield.

CLINIC: Okay. You would first of all have to come here for proof of pregnancy to take with you.


CLINIC: You can’t just walk in without that. So you should really come here first, and then we can give you that information.


CLINIC: Do you want to make an appointment?

CALLER: Yeah, okay.

CLINIC: Okay. Hold on just a minute.


CLINIC: How about tomorrow afternoon?

CALLER: Well, what time?

CLINIC: What time can you come?

CALLER: Well, I’d really have to talk to my boyfriend to see when he can get off work because he’s the only one that can bring me.

CLINIC: What time does he work ’til?

CALLER: 8 to 5.

CLINIC: Okay. Well, that doesn’t work for us.

CALLER: Oh, all right. Well, I’d have to talk to him to see if he could get off work and bring me.

CLINIC: Because we work 8 to 4 Fridays and 9 to 5 the rest of the week. And he works 8 to 5.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, he could probably get Monday off.

CLINIC: Well, it just takes five minutes. There’s nobody else that can bring you, not even next week?

CALLER: Is it all right if he takes me on like his lunch break or whatever?

CLINIC: What time does he take lunch?

CALLER: He can take it whenever he wants to.

CLINIC: That’s fine. How are you going to get back to Bakersfield though?

CALLER: He’ll take me.

CLINIC: How about 1:15 tomorrow?

CALLER: All right.

CLINIC: What’s your name?

CALLER: It’s Christine Smith.

CLINIC: Have you ever been here before?


CLINIC: Do you have insurance?

CALLER: Well, he was going to pay cash.

CLINIC: Okay. You pay cash. Your phone?


CLINIC: Your phone?

CALLER: Oh. I would have to give you his cell phone number. But he just got it, so I don’t know the number yet.

CLINIC: So you don’t have a phone.

CALLER: Right.

CLINIC: Okay. It’s $5.00. You need to pay that when you come. And we’ll see you at 1:15 tomorrow. If that doesn’t suit you, call us though.

CALLER: Is there any age requirement or anything like that? I’ll be 14 in March. Is that still okay and everything?

CLINIC: Uhhhh, you’re 13?


CLINIC: (Talking to someone else) Bev, what is the requirement for 13-year-old for an AB?

Are you going to be a patient here?


CLINIC: Okay. We’ll tell you that when you come.

CALLER: Okay. Well, you guys wouldn’t have to tell my parents or anything, right? The problem is I can’t tell my parents because my boyfriend’s 22. And we’re going to get married. We’re going to move out and live together and have a family later on. But they just hate him because they think he’s too old for me.

CLINIC: Right. Well, we can talk to you about that. The nurse practitioner, she can give you all the details on that. I’m not real sure.

CALLER: What do I do? Like, they can’t find out.

CLINIC: Bev will go through all that with you.

CALLER: Well, I don’t want to come in there if I don’t have any — like if you guys are going to tell my parents, I don’t wanna —

CLINIC: We can’t. We can’t tell anybody. I mean, everything here is confidential. All we’re going to do is do a pregnancy test, and give you verification and information of where you’re gonna go. But everything here is confidential.

CALLER: So you don’t have to tell my parents about that?

CLINIC: We don’t have tell your parents that you’re coming. I mean, we can’t tell your parents, for no reason.

CALLER: And is it all right if my boyfriend brings me and everything?

CLINIC: Yeah. Your boyfriend can bring you. That’s fine.

CALLER: Does he have to fill out any forms or anything?

CLINIC: No. He does not fill out anything here. Nope.

CALLER: Would he fill out anything anywhere else?

CLINIC: I don’t know if he needs to fill out papers there or not. I don’t think so.

CALLER: If it turned out like after the pregnancy test that I wasn’t pregnant, do you guys do birth control there?


CALLER: And you wouldn’t have to tell anybody about that either?

CLINIC: Right.


CLINIC: Exactly. We just go by numbers here. We file by numbers since everything’s confidential. We don’t like to use your name.

CALLER: Is it cool if I call you back with his cell phone number?

CLINIC: We don’t need a telephone number if you can’t give us one. But if you can’t make your appointment then we’d ask if you call us.

CALLER: Okay. What was your name?

CLINIC: Your appointment’s at 1:15 Friday. If that doesn’t suit him, you could call us. And we don’t have a number to reach you at.

CALLER: So when I call you back, is it all right to talk to you?

CLINIC: Well, you don’t need to call us back?

CALLER: Oh. What if he can’t make it, and I have to cancel?

CLINIC: That’s fine. That’s fine. Do you want the number?


CLINIC: It’s 443-6549, the number you just called.


CLINIC: You can just call us on that number if you want to make another time.

CALLER: Okay. So if I have any other questions, is it all right to talk to you?


CALLER: What was your name?

CLINIC: The nurse practitioner’s name is Bev.

CALLER: Bev? All right. But I couldn’t talk to you again?

CLINIC: That’s fine. My name is Julie.

CALLER: Julie?

CLINIC: Uh-huh.

CALLER: Okay. Thanks.