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To get more information on the topics discussed on this web site or to learn more about the legal options available to victims of unreported statutory rape and other sexual abuse, call the Life Dynamics office at (940) 380-8800. If you are unable to call between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Central Time, then please feel free to leave us a message with your contact information and we will call you back on the next business day. Feel free to visit our corporate home page at if you would like to learn more about our firm.

Notice to clinic workers or “family planning service” personnel – if you have information about illegal activity that may be occurring at the facility where you work, or if you are working in an abortion clinic and simply want to get out, Life Dynamics can help. Call us at (940) 380 – 8800 or click here for more information.

We have the advice and assistance you need. All of our services are free of charge.

To provide documents anonymously, send them to:

Life Dynamics Incorporated
PO Box 2226
Denton, Texas 76202

Call (940) 380-8800 to get help, answers or to discuss your situation

Abortion industry personnel should visit for more information.