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#300 – Planned Parenthood in Mankato, MN

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310 BELLE AVE. # L 6
MANKATO, MN 56001-5289

TAPE – 300

(Dialing, phone ringing 2x)

CLINIC: Hello. Planned Parenthood (unclear). Can I help you?

CALLER: Yeah. Hi. I was wondering if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: No, not at this clinic. They do that up in our St. Paul office.

CALLER: Okay. Do you have that number?

CLINIC: Um-hmm. You there?

CALLER: Uh-huh.

CLINIC: 1-877-890-6225.

CALLER: My friend told me that since I’ll be 14 in March, that my parents have to sign some stuff. But my boyfriend’s doing it too. Could he just sign whatever that is?





CLINIC: The law in Minnesota is, for a minor, there’s parental notification, that your parents must be notified.

CALLER: Is there any way not to tell them? Because they can’t find out at all.

CLINIC: There is. It would be a judicial override, where you would have to go before a judge and explain to them why; telling your parents that you need this procedure would endanger your health and welfare. And then he would have to agree or — the judge would have to agree that, yes, that would be a danger to you.

CALLER: Does he never not agree?

CLINIC: They can, yes.

CALLER: Well, how much does all of that cost?

CLINIC: When you call up, tell them that that’s something you need information about. And they’ll know more about that process and how to initiate that for you.

CALLER: Well, could I come in there and get a pregnancy test?

CLINIC: Yeah. We can do that, yes.

CALLER: And you guys wouldn’t have to tell anybody?

CLINIC: No. Pregnancy tests and birth control and all that stuff, that’s for you to consent for. Just in Minnesota your parents have to consent for an abortion. Well, not actually through a consent; they just have to be notified.

CALLER: Is it all right if my boyfriend brings me to get a pregnancy test?


CALLER: It’s all right if he’s there with me and stuff?

CLINIC: Yeah. That’s up to you. If you want him there, he can be there.

CALLER: I need to ask him if he has any other questions. Could I call you back? What was your name?

CLINIC: Kathy.



CALLER: Okay. Thank you.

CLINIC: Okay. Bye bye.