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#044 – Planned Parenthood in Stamford, CT

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1039 E. MAIN ST.
STAMFORD, CT 6902-4108

TAPE – 044

CLINIC: Planned Parenthood. May I help you?

CALLER: Yeah, hi. I was wondering, do you guys do abortions there?

CLINIC: Yes, we do.

CALLER: You do? How much does that cost?

CLINIC: If you’re 12 weeks, it’s $515. If you’re over 12 weeks, it’s $615. If you’re over 14 weeks, it’s $715.

CALLER: Okay. How do you know how far along you are?

CLINIC: When was your last period?

CALLER: I’m not really sure. I think it was like — it was before Christmas. I guess — it’s probably like — I’m guessing like the first week in December.

CLINIC: Okay. You could be about almost 12 weeks.

CALLER: Oh. Okay.

CLINIC: So you need to — where do you live?

CALLER: I live in Wilson.

CLINIC: Where?

CALLER: Wilson.

CLINIC: Okay. You need to call the closest office that’s closest — where’s that close to?

CALLER: I’m not sure. I don’t really know the area very well.

CLINIC: Well, you need to find out the closest one —


CLINIC: — and make an appointment there. Like we have them in Torrington, West Hartford, Willimantic, Waterbury.


CLINIC: So you need to find out which one’s the closest to you.

CALLER: Okay. Can I ask you a quick question?

CLINIC: Go ahead.

CALLER: Well, my main thing is, my friend told me that they have to tell my parents before I can have an abortion. Is that true?

CLINIC: Not if you have the money. Your parents don’t have to be involved.

CALLER: Okay. It’s just problems. I can’t tell my parents at all.

CLINIC: Right. No, we can’t tell your parents without your permission.

CALLER: Okay. Is there like — you wouldn’t have to tell anybody at all?

CLINIC: How old are you?

CALLER: I’m going to be 14 in March.

CLINIC: No. We don’t have to tell anyone. But you need to tell your parents because you need to have an adult that’s supportive.

CALLER: I can’t tell my parents. My boyfriend’s 22, and we’re planning on getting married. They just — they hate him. We can’t —

CLINIC: I guess so, if he’s 22 and you’re only 14.


CLINIC: I said, I guess the would, honey. You’re only 14 years old.

CALLER: Well, we’re in love. We’re going to get married.

CLINIC: Well, sweetie, let me just explain something to you. If your parents want to get him in trouble, they can, because you are 14 years of age. He is considered an adult.


CLINIC: You need to tell someone because that is statutory rape.

CALLER: Oh, okay.

CLINIC: You’re under age. So don’t ever say that we’re in love, because your parents are not going to want to hear that.

CALLER: Well, they don’t ever understand anything.

CLINIC: Well, hon, this is one time, if they cause a problem, they can have your boyfriend arrested. So you just think about that.

CALLER: What can I do?

CLINIC: You need to go and confide in your mom and tell her that you —

CALLER: But she won’t — she doesn’t listen. She’s just —

CLINIC: Well. What are you going to do? Wait until you’re too far, and then tell her?

CALLER: Well, like, I was gonna get an abortion and —

CLINIC: Does your boyfriend have $515?

CALLER: Uh-huh.

CLINIC: Well then, you need to find out — hold on. Where are you from?

CALLER: I live in Wilson.

CLINIC: Hold on.

Where’s Wilson? Okay. The closest one to you would be South Norwalk.

CALLER: Okay. You have the number for that?

CLINIC: Okay. Or Danbury. Let me give you the phone number, and you can find out which one’s closest.


CLINIC: All right. You’ve got a pencil?


CLINIC: Okay. South Norwalk is 853-2605. And the one in Danbury — you ready?


CLINIC: 743-2446.



CALLER: And they wouldn’t have to tell anybody?



CLINIC: Okay? Let me know how you make out.

CALLER: Well, what do I —

CLINIC: Call them up and ask them. And tell them that you think you’re pregnant, and you’d like to come in for a pregnancy test because you don’t want to keep the baby.



CALLER: Can I call you back?

CLINIC: Yeah, I’ll be here, honey. My name’s Yvonne. I’ll be here until 7:30 tonight.

CALLER: 7:30?


CALLER: All right.


CALLER: And you wouldn’t have to tell anybody?

CLINIC: No, honey. I’m not going to tell anyone.

CALLER: If it ended up like I wasn’t —

CLINIC: Well then, you know what? Why don’t you come in here and have your pregnancy test?

CALLER: Oh. Okay.

CLINIC: You know how to get to Stanford?

CALLER: Well, like, no one would have to know?

CLINIC: No one has to know.

CALLER: Okay. What if I wasn’t pregnant? Like what if —

CLINIC: You want to go on birth control. Is that what you said?


CLINIC: Okay. Then you can do that too.

CALLER: And you guys wouldn’t have to tell anybody about that either?

CLINIC: No, we’re not going to tell anyone.

CALLER: Okay. Because I just don’t want to get in trouble.

CLINIC: So you need to get on the thruway like you’re going to New York.


CLINIC: Get off at Exit 9. Take a right once you get to the light. And we’re on the left-hand side, about a mile down the road.


CLINIC: I’ll be here until 7:30, so come in before then.

CALLER: Is it okay if my boyfriend brings me?

CLINIC: Yeah, he can bring you.

CALLER: Okay. And no one has to know anything?




CALLER: Thank you.

CLINIC: Okay. I’ll see you when you get here.

CALLER: Thanks.