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#564 – Planned Parenthood in Shawano, WI

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SHAWANO, WI 54166-2942

TAPE – 564
(dialing sounds) (ringing 2X)

CLINIC: Good morning. Planned Parenthood Shano (sp). This is Diane. May I help you?

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was wondering, do you guys do abortions there?

CLINIC: We don’t at this particular clinic.

CALLER: Okay. Well, do you know of anybody that does?

CLINIC: Well, we have a list of some providers throughout the state if you want to stop in you can pick up the list; and there’s phone numbers and that on there you can call.

CALLER: Okay. Well, could I ask you something real quick?


CALLER: I’m just worried about all this because like my friend told me that — well I’m going to be 14 next month, and my friend told me that you guys would have to tell my parents. But my boyfriend’s 22. Is he old enough to take care of it and they wouldn’t have to tell anybody?

CLINIC: Being that he’s older I don’t know. That’s kind of a situation where he’s with a minor.

CALLER: What do you mean?

CLINIC: Well, it’s really against the law to have an adult having intercourse with a minor child.

CALLER: It’s against the law?

CLINIC: Yes, it is. (laughs)

CALLER: Well, what could happen?

CLINIC: It depends on if somebody wants to press charges or not.

CALLER: Well, are you guys going to press charges?

CLINIC: If you just want to come in and pick up the information —

CALLER: Well, I was actually just wanting to get like a pregnancy test because like —

CLINIC: Oh, you don’t even know if you are pregnant?

CALLER: Well, I haven’t had my period since like December 26, and I’m just cared.

CLINIC: Okay. Are you, have you been getting your periods normally, or are they irregular anyways?

CALLER: They’re usually normal.

CLINIC: Okay. Well, if you want you can come in for a pregnancy test.

CALLER: Well, would you have to tell anybody about my boyfriend or anything?

CLINIC: No. Well, if I were you I wouldn’t mention his age. (laughs)

CALLER: Oh, okay. But he would have to be there with me because he was going to drive me and pay for everything.

CLINIC: That’s okay.

CALLER: Okay. So it’s still all right if he’s there?


CALLER: And he won’t get in trouble?

CLINIC: Not that I’m aware of.


CLINIC: I just wouldn’t mention his age and mention that he’s your boyfriend with that age. (laughs)

CALLER: Okay. So when I come in for a pregnancy test if it came out that I wasn’t pregnant could I get birth control?

CLINIC: We could do what we call “pills in advance.” You need to have an exam but we don’t have a nurse here right now, so you could get sort of like where you could start on them right away, and then in three months you need to come back and have an exam done.


CLINIC: Are you in Shano County or —

CALLER: I live in Clintonville.

CLINIC: You live in Clintonville so you’re not in Shano County. Okay.

CALLER: But my friend gave me you guys’ number, so —

CLINIC: Yeah. Pills would run $8.75 a pack. And there may be a charge for like an office visit. If you’re having a pregnancy test that’s $7.50, and that you need to pay when you come.

CALLER: Oh, okay.


CALLER: Would anybody have to know about all this though?

CLINIC: No. Everything’s confidential.

CALLER: Okay. All right.

CLINIC: Were you interested in coming for anything today then?

CALLER: Well, what time are you guys open today?

CLINIC: We’re here from 10:00 to 5:00.

CALLER: Okay. I would have to call my boyfriend to see if he could take me, but I think so. Are you guys open tomorrow though?


CALLER: Oh. When’s the next day you’re open?

CLINIC: Monday.

CALLER: Oh, okay. What time on Monday?

CLINIC: Mondays we’re here from 10:00 to 6:00, Thursdays 10:00 to 5:00.

CALLER: Okay. Well, if I bought a pregnancy test in the store, do you think those are normally right?

CLINIC: Yeah, those are accurate, um-hum.

CALLER: Really?

CLINIC: Um-hum.

CALLER: Okay. Well, if I took that and I wasn’t pregnant could I come in there for birth control?

CLINIC: Sure. Sure. But you’d need to call and just let us know, set up an appointment so we know you’re coming.

CALLER: Okay. So, but if i was pregnant would you have to tell my parents?


CALLER: Oh. Okay.


CALLER: All right.

CLINIC: All righty.



CALLER: Thanks.

(phone clicks)

*** THE END ***