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#386 – Planned Parenthood in Oxford, OH

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OXFORD, OH 45056-1720

TAPE – 386

(Dialing, phone ringing 1x)

CLINIC: Planned Parenthood. This is Heidi speaking.

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was wondering if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: Not at our center in Oxford, but at the one in Cincinnati we do.

CALLER: Okay. Do you have that number?

CLINIC: I sure do. Hang on for a moment.


CLINIC: Thanks.

(Short pause)

CLINIC: Thanks for holding. There number is 513-287-6488. And I believe they’re there now.

CALLER: Could I ask you a question real quick?

CLINIC: Oh, definitely.

CALLER: I’m just really worried because my friend told me that since I’ll be 14 in March that they would have to tell my parents I’m getting an abortion. But my boyfriend’s 22. Could he just sign whatever, and they wouldn’t have to tell anybody?

CLINIC: No, they would have to tell somebody. If you’re interested I can get you a number for — it’s Ohio state law. So if you go to Illinois, it’s the closest state I think from where we’re at where you do not need parental notification.


CLINIC: So I can give you a number of the Planned Parenthood in Illinois and a number — there’s an abortion center I have the number for in Chicago. I don’t know if there’s a closer one — a Parenthood closer to where we are if you don’t feel like driving that far north. I can get you their Planned Parenthood number, and you can try there, okay?


CLINIC: Hang on for just a moment, please.

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The emergency contraceptive pill, commonly known as the “Morning After Pill” —

CLINIC: Okay. Thanks for holding. This is somebody different. I’m Marsha. You needed the number for a place in Illinois?


CLINIC: And are you interested in one that does not have parental notification; is that correct?

CALLER: Uh-huh, yeah. I can’t let my parents know at all.

CLINIC: Okay, sure. It’s a place called Family Planning Associates Medical Group. And their number is 773-725-0200.


CLINIC: Let me just kind of peek at — as far as Illinois — I’ll give you the Chicago affiliate. I don’t know which one provides abortions if any of them and what their regulations are. It looks like there’s a bunch of different ones. I’m going to give you just a line to the main one. It’s 312-427-2276, and maybe they can help you also.

CALLER: Okay. Would it be all right to come in there for a pregnancy test to see?

CLINIC: Oh, surely, just to verify?

CALLER: The main reason is because I’m really scared because I haven’t had my period since December 14th.

CLINIC: Okay, sure. And you are under 18, correct?

CALLER: Right. I’ll be 14 in March.

CLINIC: Okay. So the test will cost you $6, and we’ll just need you to pay for that up front before we run it. We’ll collect a urine specimen while you’ll here, and you’re fill out some forms for us, and you’ll get the results. And you can just walk in for that as long as you get here by 4:30 today.

CALLER: My boyfriend wanted to be there with me. Is that all right?

CLINIC: What we will do is we want to talk with you first before we involve him. So we’ll sit with you in a room and give you the results and talk with you, and then he can come back. But initially we just need to deal with you.

CALLER: Okay. Well, he just says that — we talked about it, and we don’t want anybody to know at all.

CLINIC: Okay. Yeah. That’s your decision.

CALLER: But you guys wouldn’t have to tell anybody?

CLINIC: So there is nobody that we do have to directly talk with as far as telling that you are here for a test. Right.

CALLER: All right. Well, if the pregnancy test said that I wasn’t pregnant, could I come there for birth control then?

CLINIC: Most definitely.

CALLER: Okay. I just don’t want to have to worry about all this again.

CLINIC: Yeah, most definitely.

CALLER: Do you know if I was there — I just don’t want anybody to know about my boyfriend or anything. Would you guys have to say anything?

CLINIC: Well, we do have — it depends on how much information you give us. If you come in and you tell us information that is a reportable incident, then we will have to report it. You can choose —

CALLER: What do you mean?

CLINIC: — not to tell us information. There’s certain laws about age, dating. So if you were to report, say, that possibly your boyfriend is older than you are, and you’re a minor, then we would definitely have to call and report that. If you do not give us that information or do not say that to us, then we are not required to report it. We are state mandated to report any information you give us regarding that.

CALLER: Oh. So I just shouldn’t say anything?

CLINIC: It’s your choice what you want to tell us, okay?

CALLER: All right. If I was on birth control, you guys wouldn’t have to tell anybody at all?

CLINIC: No, we do not have to tell anybody if you’re on birth control. No. All of our services are confidential.

CALLER: All right.



CLINIC: All rightly.

CALLER: So I don’t have to tell my parents anything at all?

CLINIC: No, you do not, not for birth control, no. There is parental notification for abortions unless you go somewhere else, which you’ve probably already been through that before, correct?



CALLER: What do you mean?

CLINIC: Pardon?

CALLER: What do you mean by I’ve already been —

CLINIC: You knew that because you were asking for a number where you didn’t have to — correct?


CLINIC: But not for birth control. And like I said, we just do pregnancy tests on a walk-in basis. So there are people here for scheduled appointments. We just work you in between them. And you just need to be here by 4:30.

CALLER: And your name was Marsha?

CLINIC: I’m Marsha.

CALLER: All right.


CALLER: Okay. Thank you.

CLINIC: Uh-huh. Bye bye.