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#244 – North Central Ohio Planned Parenthood in Mansfield, OH

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35 PARK ST N # 275
MANSFIELD, OH 44902-1762

TAPE – 244

(dialing sound) (ringing 1X)

RECORDING: Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood of North Central Ohio, your quality healthcare provider in Wayne, Richland, Crawford and Ashland County. You have reached the Mansfield Clinic. Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood. To make an appointment, press 5. If you are trying to reach the administrative offices, please hang up and dial 525-3080. If you received a letter regarding test results, press 1, then 266. If you know your party’s extension, press 1 and the number. For an agency directory, press 3. Press zero for further assistance. (dial sound) Planned Parenthood provides services on a sliding fee scale. Please provide income verification, a check stub from each member of the household at the time of your appointment. All other patients will be charged normal fees. Payment is expected at the time of your service. Please present any insurance cards at the time of your appointment. If you have a Medicaid card you must present the current month card at the time of your appointment. You will now be routed to the next available receptionist.

Thank you. One moment, please. (music) Your call is very important to us. Please hold for our next available receptionist. If you are a Galion patient your call has been forwarded to our Mansfield office. (beep, beep)

CLINIC: Deanne (sp) speaking. May I help you?

CALLER: Yeah. I was wondering if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: No, we don’t.

CALLER: Do you know of anyone that does?

CLINIC: Um-hum. They’re in Cleveland, Akron and Columbus.

CALLER: Okay. Do you have like their number?

CLINIC: Um-hum. Which one did you prefer?

CALLER: The one in Columbus.

CLINIC: 1-800-282-0708, and it’s Northwest Women’s Center.

CALLER: Okay. Well, do you guys do like the pregnancy test there?

CLINIC: Um-hum.

CALLER: Would you have to tell anybody or anything —


CALLER: I’ll be in 14 in March.

CLINIC: No. It’s completely confidential.

CALLER: It’s just my friend told me that you guys have to tell my parents. But is it all right if my boyfriend — like he’s 22. Is it all right if he takes care of everything?

CLINIC: If you’re under 18 you have to have a parent consent.

CALLER: But they can’t find out at all.

CLINIC: Okay, then you won’t be able to have one done. You can have a pregnancy test. But as far as an abortion? If you’re under 18 you have to have a parent consent.

CALLER: So my boyfriend’s not old enough to do that?

CLINIC: Uh-uh, nope, because you’re still legally a minor.

CALLER: Even if he’s 22?

CLINIC: Nope. It don’t matter.

CALLER: Oh. Well, is there any way that my parents don’t have to find out at all?

CLINIC: Uh-uh.

CALLER: I can’t tell them. They would be furious.

CLINIC: You would have to — I’m trying to think. Hold on a minute, okay?


RECORDING: (music) Please continue to hold. Assistance is just ahead. (music) Thank you for calling. Your call and your business —

CLINIC: Hi. This is Amanda.


CLINIC: Okay. You’re 14 years old?

CALLER: Uh-huh.

CLINIC: Is what you need to do is call Akron’s Medical Group. Did we give you the number for that?


CLINIC: Let me make sure you got the right number here. It’s 1-800-428-3673. And what they’re going to need to do is they’re going to need to get a judicial bypass.

CALLER: Okay. What is that?

CLINIC: A judicial bypass means you’re going to have to go in front of a judge, and you’re going to have to prove to him that you’re in some kind of danger and that you’re competent enough to make this decision.


CLINIC: This kind of “danger” would be that if your parents found out they’re going to kick you out or they’re going to beat you up or they’re going to hurt you.


CLINIC: Is what they’ll do is, you’ll make an appointment with Akron, you’ll go up for probably a consultation. He’ll go straight over to the courthouse. Somebody will go with you. They will then take you back and you’ll have the procedure done the same day.

CALLER: Do I have to get like a lawyer or anything?

CLINIC: They can take care of that. You will — I mean, there is a major cost for an abortion. I mean, it’s very expensive.

CALLER: Okay. How much is it?

CLINIC: It depends on how far along you are. You’re talking about probably $600.

CALLER: Oh. Well, my boyfriend said he would take care of it, so.

CLINIC: Okay. How old’s your boyfriend?

CALLER: He’s 22.

CLINIC: That’s another problem you may run into, having him involved with this.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

CLINIC: He’s 22, you’re 14. In the state of Ohio, even if it’s consensual, that’s statutory rape.

CALLER: What do you mean? I don’t understand. Like —

CLINIC: Okay, because you’re 14 years old and he’s 22 years old, in the state of Ohio even though you said it was okay to sleep together, you guys had sex and you agreed to it, the state of Ohio still considers that statutory rape.

CALLER: But what could happen?

CLINIC: He can go to jail.

CALLER: What? Well, what can I do? I don’t understand.

CLINIC: What you need to do is, you need to call Akron Women’s Medical Group.


CLINIC: I would probably keep him as far out of this as possible.

CALLER: Just don’t tell them about him, or —



CLINIC: Because if it gets into the court, then they can get him on statutory rape. You’re going to probably have to say you’re not sure who the father is.

CALLER: Okay. So if the judge doesn’t find out about my boyfriend, would he say no?

CLINIC: No. You’re going to have to go prove to him that you’re in some kind of danger and that you’re competent enough to make this decision.

CALLER: Well, so he wouldn’t say no, or you don’t —

CLINIC: I can’t promise you what the judge will say. There’s no way for me to promise you that. In Richland County there’s no way the judge is going to say yes. We know that Ron Spahn (sp) is, he won’t do it. But in Akron they have a pretty good reputation for letting them go through.


CLINIC: So it would be your best and probably only bet right now.




CLINIC: So give them a call and see what you can come up with. If you need anything else, you give us a call back.



CALLER: Well, if like I wasn’t pregnant, like do you guys do birth control there?

CLINIC: Yes, we do.

CALLER: Would you have to tell anybody about it?

CLINIC: No, nobody.

CALLER: Would you have to tell anybody about my boyfriend?

CLINIC: Nobody.

CALLER: All right.



CLINIC: Give us a call back if you need us.



CALLER: Thanks.



(phone clicks)

*** THE END ***