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#249 – Planned Parenthood in Grand Rapids, MN

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811 NE 4 TH ST.
GRAND RAPIDS, MN 55744-3106

TAPE – 249

(dialing sound) (ringing 1X)

CLINIC: Grand Rapids Planned Parenthood. This is Heather. Can I help you?

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was wondering if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: We sure don’t.


CLINIC: We can do pregnancy testing.

CALLER: Oh. Well, do you know if you have to be a specific age for that? Like I’ll be 14 in March.

CLINIC: Oh, I know that under the age of 18 you do need to notify your parents. But if you look under the yellow pages or in the yellow pages under “abortion,” you could find a provider, and you could call them to find out the specifics.

CALLER: Oh. Well, it’s just I can’t tell my parents at all because they don’t like my boyfriend because they think he’s too old for me. But like he’s only 22. So they can’t find out though because they would be furious.

CLINIC: Okay. Well, you can try calling like the Duluth Women’s Health Center.


CLINIC: And you can get some information from them.

CALLER: Do you have that number?

CLINIC: Let me see if I do. Okay. Area code 218-727-3352.


CLINIC: All right?

CALLER: Well, could I come in to there to get a pregnancy test?

CLINIC: Yeah, we can do that here.

CALLER: Would it be all right if my boyfriend brings me because I don’t know how else I would get there.

CLINIC: Yeah. That would be fine.

CALLER: Okay. But you guys wouldn’t have to say anything about anything?

CLINIC: No. Nope. Pregnancy testing and birth control services are services that can be provided in the state of Minnesota to anyone, regardless of what age they are.


CLINIC: Without parents consent.

CALLER: Well, would my boyfriend have to sign any papers or anything?


CALLER: Okay. So you wouldn’t — it’s just he doesn’t want anyone to know, but you guys wouldn’t have to tell anybody?

CLINIC: Umm. I’m not sure on that, but I can’t see any reason why.

CALLER: Why aren’t you? What do you not —

CLINIC: It would depend on if it’s an abusive relationship or not. I guess we’d need to find that out from you.

CALLER: But we’re in love. We’re going to get married.

CLINIC: Okay. I can let you talk to our nurse practitioner.


CLINIC: If you want.


CLINIC: She’s in the room with a patient right now.


CLINIC: Do you want to hold?


CLINIC: Okay. Hold on just a few minutes.


CLINIC: Thanks.

(dialing sound) (ringing 3X)

CLINIC: Grand Rapids Planned Parenthood. This is Heather. Can I help you?

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was on hold. I got cut off.

CLINIC: Oh. I’m sorry. Okay. Let me see. I looked up in my Consent and Confidentiality Handbook, and it says, “If an adolescent reveals having consensual sex with someone considerably older than he or she, is the healthcare provider mandated to report this as statutory rape?” And according to Minnesota state law, it says no. “Even though the sexual conduct between a minor and an older individual may constitute criminal sexual conduct, healthcare providers are not mandated to report unless the sexual contact also falls within the child abuse/sexual abuse reporting.”

So unless it’s child abuse or sexual abuse, then we don’t need to tell anybody. All right?

CALLER: Oh. Okay.

CLINIC: Any other questions?

CALLER: No. I guess not.


CALLER: Okay. Thanks.

CLINIC: Bye bye.


(phone clicks)

***THE END***