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#302 – Planned Parenthood in Fairmont, MN

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PO BOX 728

TAPE – 302

(Dialing, phone ringing 1x)

CLINIC: Family Planned Parenthood. This is Linda.

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was wondering if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: No, we don’t. They do them in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and at St. Paul.

CALLER: Do you have the number for St. Paul?

CLINIC: I sure do. I just have to find it. It’s 877-890-6225.

CALLER: Okay. I’ll be 14 in March. And my friend told me that my parents have to sign some stuff. But my boyfriend is 22. Could he do that?

CLINIC: Ask them when you call. It’s an 800 number. But usually they make you go in front of a judge if you don’t have your parents’ approval or signature, the last I knew. Okay?

CALLER: Could I come in there for a pregnancy test?

CLINIC: Yes. So you’re not sure if you’re pregnant?

CALLER: Well, not really. I’m just scared because my last period was the second week in December.

CLINIC: Okay. Yeah. Sure. Come on in. Do we have a chart on you? Have you ever been here?


CLINIC: Okay. Yeah, just come on in —

CALLER: But you guys wouldn’t have to tell anybody that I was there or anything?

CLINIC: No, no, no.

CALLER: If it’s all right if my boyfriend brings me?

CLINIC: Sure, that’s fine.

CALLER: He’s just worried that you guys would ask questions about him. You guys wouldn’t?

CLINIC: No, no, no. Nope, nobody will know but us here.

CALLER: If I wasn’t pregnant, do you guys do birth control there?

CLINIC: We sure do.

CALLER: And you guys wouldn’t have to tell anybody that I was on birth control?

CLINIC: Nope, uh-uh. It’s all confidential. We’ll real strong about the confidentiality. That’s very important. Yeah, we can do the pregnancy test today. But if it’s negative, you’d have to come back either a Monday or Thursday to see our nurse practitioner.

CALLER: I would have to call and see when my boyfriend can get off work, but that’s cool.

CLINIC: Yeah. So you just have to schedule a time that you think he could bring you in. But you can come in anytime for the pregnancy test.

CALLER: My parents can’t find out because they don’t like him. I mean, he’s a really nice guy. They just don’t like him because they think he’s too old for me.

CLINIC: Yeah, well. Us parents are funny people. Yeah, no. It’s totally confidential here, hon.




CLINIC: All righty.

CALLER: Thanks.

CLINIC: Um-hmm. Bye bye.