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#323 – Planned Parenthood in Brainerd, MN

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615 OAK ST.
BRAINERD, MN 56401-3610

TAPE – 323

(Dialing, phone ringing 1x)

RECORDING: Thank you for calling the Planned Parenthood of Brainerd. If you know your party’s extension, please enter it now. If you’re calling for the clinic hours, press 1. To schedule an appointment, press 2. For the regional office, press 3. For the Wise Guys Young Male Responsibility Program, press 4. If you’re calling for the nurse, press 5. For clinic directions, press 6. If you’re calling to have your pills ready for pick-up or to have them mailed, press 7. All other callers please stay on the line.

Please hold while I try that extension.

RECORDING: High-quality health care doesn’t have to come with a high price. Planned Parenthood believes that all of our patients —

CLINIC: This is Sharon. How can I help you?

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was wondering if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: No, we don’t.

CALLER: Do you know of anybody that does?

CLINIC: I can give you some phone numbers. The closest is either Duluth or Minneapolis.

CALLER: How about the Duluth one?

CLINIC: Okay. The number is 218-727-3352.

CALLER: All right.


CALLER: Can I ask you a quick question? I’m just worried. My friend told me that — I’ll be 14 in March, and she said that my parents would have to sign some stuff. But my boyfriend’s 22. Could he just take care of that?



CLINIC: No. You can get a judicial bypass where your parents don’t need to know or don’t need to sign. And once you call that number, they will tell you everything you need to know and what steps you need to go through and that kind of thing. Okay?

CALLER: All right. I’m not real sure. My last period was December 4th. But I’m just worried and I’m scared.

CLINIC: Why don’t you come in and get a pregnancy test done first?

CALLER: Okay. Well, is it all right to do that and my parents wouldn’t have to find out about it?

CLINIC: Right. No, they would not. It’s strictly confidential. Your last period was December you said?

CALLER: It was like December 14th

CLINIC: December 14th. Yeah. Why don’t you come in and let’s do a pregnancy test, and then we’ll take it from there. It’s strictly confidential.


CLINIC: Okay? We’re here until 4:30 today. So if you could get here before 4:30 for sure. Otherwise, tomorrow we’re here until 6.

CALLER: Well, is it all right if my boyfriend comes with me and is there with me?

CLINIC: Certainly.

CALLER: Does he have to fill out anything or anything?


CALLER: Because he just doesn’t want anybody to know about us.

CLINIC: No. No, not at all.

CALLER: If the pregnancy test ended up being negative, do you guys do birth control there?

CLINIC: Yes, we do.

CALLER: Would you have to tell anybody that I was on birth control?


CALLER: All right.



CLINIC: Yeah. Everything we do is strictly confidential. We wouldn’t divulge any of that information to anyone, including parents, no matter how old you are.

CALLER: All right.


CALLER: Thank you.

CLINIC: You’re welcome. Bye.