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#321 – Northern Michigan Planned Parenthood in Petoskey, MI

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PETOSKEY, MI 49770-2810

TAPE – 321

(Dialing, phone ringing 3x)

RECORDING: Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood of Northern Michigan. Please stay on the line to hear your menu of options.

To reach clinic receptionist Inga Spiegel (ph), press 10. To hear our hours of location, press 1. If you would like birth control pill information, press 2. If you would like information regarding emergency contraception often known as the “Morning After” pill, press 3. If you need to reach director of community services, Martha Lancaster, press 15; education director Laurie O’Neal (sp), press 13; outreach educator Chris Corey (sp), press 14; nurse practitioner Shelly Palston (ph), press 12; clinic assistant Ann Frailey (ph), press 16; developmental assistant Tammy Perrier (ph), press 17. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please hang up and go to your closest emergency — (dial button pressed).

One moment please.

CLINIC: Good afternoon. Planned Parenthood.

CALLER: Hi. I just called, and I was put on hold. I was disconnected.

CLINIC: Yeah. I had to take another call that was lengthy.


CLINIC: The closest place is Grand Rapids or Saginaw. And the number for Grand Rapids is 800-345-1393. And for Saginaw, it is 800-660-6234.

CALLER: Okay. Well, my friend told me that since I’ll be 14 in March that my parents have to sign some stuff. But my boyfriend is 22. Is he old enough to take care of that?


CALLER: No? Oh. Well, is there anyway not to have to tell my parents?

CLINIC: You can do a judicial bypass.

CALLER: What is that?

CLINIC: You go to the probate court office and tell them that you want to terminate a pregnancy, that you want a judicial bypass. And they will help you get it. But I’d say with your age and stuff that it would be pretty hard to do. Are you sure you can’t involve your parents?

CALLER: Yeah. They can’t find out at all. They hate my boyfriend. They just think he’s too old for me. They just hate him. So if they found out, I don’t know what would happen.

CLINIC: But if you told them that you were pregnant, they would probably help you get the abortion, wouldn’t they?

CALLER: No. I mean, I don’t know what they would — if they found out that I was pregnant — if they found out that I was having sex, they would be furious. I don’t know what they would do. They can’t find out at all.

CLINIC: Okay. Well, they’re going to ask you all kinds of questions when you go in for the judicial bypass. I mean, just be prepared — they’re going to really, really want you to involve your parents. They really encourage you to do that. Plus too, with it being a case of — I mean, no offense. But legally speaking it’s statutory rape.

CALLER: What is that? I’m not being raped. We’re in love. We’re going to get married.

CLINIC: I know, but since you’re 14 and he’s 22, it’s considered statutory rape whether you’re consenting or not.

CALLER: Well, what could happen?

CLINIC: He can go to jail?

CALLER: He could go to jail? I don’t want him to go to jail. He can’t go to jail.

CLINIC: Then I wouldn’t tell anybody — I mean, I wouldn’t tell anybody how old your boyfriend is then.

CALLER: Oh. All right.

CLINIC: Especially if you go to probate court and want to terminate a pregnancy, there will be like a legal investigation if they find out he’s 22 years old.

CALLER: Well, would it be all right to come in and get a pregnancy test there?

CLINIC: Have you had one yet?


CLINIC: You haven’t had a pregnancy test yet?

CALLER: No. I’m just scared because my last period was December 14th.

CLINIC: Are you using any birth control?


CLINIC: Condoms? Nothing?

CALLER: Uh-uh.

CLINIC: Oh, man. Are you having breast tenderness?


CLINIC: Any real vague menstrual type cramps?


CLINIC: Nothing like that?

CALLER: Uh-uh.

CLINIC: Are your periods normal? Do you usually have one every month?

CALLER: Usually.

CLINIC: Yeah. If you’re not using any birth control, then, yeah, you’re at high risk for pregnancy.

CALLER: Well, could I come and get a pregnancy test then?

CLINIC: Let’s see. You know what I’m going to have you do, because — and I know this sounds weird. But right now if you were to give me your name, and I were to write it down in the appointment book because of what you’ve already told me, that your boyfriend is 22 and that you’re 14 and you’re having sex with him, I would be obligated to report that.


CLINIC: But what I’m going to do. I’m going to hang up the phone. Call back tomorrow and just say I need a pregnancy test; this is my name. And it’s going to be $12 for the pregnancy test. And when you come in, don’t tell anybody that. Otherwise, we’re going to have to get on the phone and call.

CALLER: Is it all right if my boyfriend brings me? Because I don’t know how else I would get there.

CLINIC: That’s fine. But I’m just saying —

CALLER: Just don’t tell anybody.

CLINIC: Just don’t tell us.

CALLER: All right.

CLINIC: Okay? And that way — I mean, that way we don’t have to report it.



CALLER: If the pregnancy test was negative, could I get birth control there?


CALLER: I just don’t want to go through all this again.

CLINIC: I understand.

CALLER: Would you guys have to tell anybody if I was on birth control though?



CLINIC: Nope. Because we don’t require parental consent.

CALLER: Okay. Well, could he come and pick up the pills? Because I don’t drive.

CLINIC: Yeah, that’s fine. So we’ll give you a card that tells what kind of pill you’re on and everything and what your name is, and he would have to bring that in every time to pick your pills up.

CALLER: Would he have to sign anything or anything?

CLINIC: No, nothing like that.

CALLER: Oh, okay.

CLINIC: Nothing like that. So call tomorrow. And it looks like — if the pregnancy test is negative, we could go ahead and do the whole exam and everything.

CALLER: All right. How much does that cost?

CLINIC: Well, the pregnancy test is definitely $12. But since you’re under 20 years old, your fees are based on your income.

CALLER: Well, I don’t have a job.

CLINIC: So whenever you come in we’ll tell you what the total normally would have been, and then you leave what you’re able to of that. But anything positive pregnancy related, like a pregnancy test, can’t be part of that program. And so that has to be paid in full.

CALLER: What price is that?

CLINIC: The pregnancy test is 12, and then you leave what you’re able to for the exam.

CALLER: You’ve just been so nice. Could I call you back if I had any other questions. What was your name?

CLINIC: My name’s Ann.

CALLER: All right.


CALLER: Thank you.

CLINIC: You’re welcome. Bye.