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#294 – Planned Parenthoodd in Battle Creek, MI

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BATTLE CREEK, MI 49015-5024

TAPE – 294

(Dialing, phone ringing 1x)

CLINIC: Good afternoon. Battle Creek Planned Parenthood.

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was wondering if you guys do pregnancy tests there.

CLINIC: Yes, we sure do.

CALLER: Well, how much does that cost?

CLINIC: It’s a dollar donation if you’d like to make that. You can just walk in anytime we’re open for those.

CALLER: Okay. Do you do abortions there?

CLINIC: We don’t do actual abortion surgeries here. We can provide you with information, and we can do the counseling that’s required beforehand. But then surgery would be in Kalamazoo.

CALLER: Well, my friend told me that — I’ll be 14 in March, and she said that you guys have to tell my parents. But my boyfriend’s 22. Can he do whatever they —

CLINIC: What we need to do — in the state of Michigan you either need to have parental consent or you need to go through the courts to get permission. So we certainly encourage you to talk to your parents, but if you don’t feel that you can do that, then we can talk to you about going through the court.

CALLER: Okay. Does anybody have to be told about that?

CLINIC: What we would do is you would go before a judge in the court system, and they would say whether you are mature enough to make a decision without telling your parents. So in that case you would not need to talk to your parents about it.

CALLER: Does the judge ever say no?

CLINIC: It happens occasionally. But certainly we could go through more of what to expect and that sort of stuff, help you prepare for it.

CALLER: How much does all of that cost?

CLINIC: An abortion, if you are less than 14 weeks from your last menstrual period, the total cash cost is $370.

CALLER: Well, if I went and talked to the judge, would I have to pay for a lawyer or anything?

CLINIC: No. We do have people who volunteer to do that, so there wouldn’t be any financial cost for that.

CALLER: Oh, okay. So could I come in there and get a pregnancy test then?

CLINIC: Yep. That would be a good idea. Go ahead and do that, and we can talk to you more about your options when you get in here, okay?

CALLER: Okay. Well, it is okay if my boyfriend brings me in and everything?

CLINIC: Yeah, that’s fine. Okay?

CALLER: Could he ask you guys questions or anything?

CLINIC: Sure, yeah. If you want him to come back while we’re doing the pregnancy test for you, that’s fine.

CALLER: Would you guys have to tell anybody at all?

CLINIC: Everything we do here is confidential. So we would only release information to who you say we can talk to.

CALLER: And I wasn’t pregnant, do you guys do birth control?

CLINIC: Yep, we sure do. And we can get you set up with an appointment for that if that’s what you’re needing.

CALLER: And you wouldn’t have to tell anybody about that either?

CLINIC: Correct, exactly.

CALLER: Okay. Well, can I talk to him and then call you back? What’s your name?

CLINIC: Yep. I’m Jennifer.



CALLER: Thank you.

CLINIC: You’re welcome. Bye bye.