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#763 – American Women’s Medical Center in Des Plaines, IL

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2474 E. DEMPSTER ST. # 109

TAPE – 763

(Dialing, phone ringing 1x)

CLINIC: American Women’s. How can I help you?

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was calling to see if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: Yes, we do.

CALLER: How much does it cost for that?

CLINIC: How far in the pregnancy are you?

CALLER: I’m not really sure. How do you know?

CLINIC: When was the first day of your last period?

CALLER: January 3rd.

CLINIC: Okay. One second.


CLINIC: That would put you about eight, nine weeks pregnant.

CALLER: Okay. So how much would it be then?

CLINIC: How many times have you been pregnant prior to this one?

CALLER: Never.

CLINIC: And do you have health insurance or public aid?

CALLER: Well, the thing is, I’m going to be 14 later on this month, and my boyfriend said that he would pay for everything.

CLINIC: How old are you?

CALLER: I’m going to be 14. I’m 13 right now. But my friend said that you guys would have to tell my parents. But if my boyfriend’s paying cash for everything, would he had to sign anything? He’s 22. Is he old enough to take care of it?

CLINIC: You don’t have to use your parents’ insurance if you don’t want to. It will be $350.

CALLER: It’s just me and my boyfriend were talking about all this, and he said he would pay for everything.

CLINIC: That’s fine.

CALLER: But we don’t want anyone to know about us. Would he have to sign anything or full out any forms?

CLINIC: You are the one who’s signing everything.

CALLER: Oh, okay. Well, some people actually said that since he’s 22 that he’s too old for me. But would that be all right if he was there? It would be okay?

CLINIC: Actually, that’s irrelevant to us. I mean, you’re the patient. We just take you and that’s it.

CALLER: Oh. All right. I haven’t had a pregnancy test yet. Would you guys do that before everything and make sure?

CLINIC: Right.

CALLER: Well, if it turned out that I wasn’t pregnant, could I get birth control from you guys? It’s just we don’t want to worry about this anymore?

CLINIC: Well, if you’re not pregnant — if it comes out negative, and if you haven’t had a period — then we will recommend for you to have a blood test to make sure that the hormonal level in your system is down. That would indicate a real negative test. If it’s high, then we say the pregnancy is too small for it to be detected in the urine.


CLINIC: So when you’re here, we can schedule for a pap smear. That’s how you can get birth control pills, after you get a pap smear.

CALLER: Okay. Well, how much does all that cost?

CLINIC: 130 for the exam and pap.

CALLER: Should I get the blood test before that though?

CLINIC: Well, if you want to schedule for just the blood test, it’s $50.

CALLER: When do you guys do that?

CLINIC: Can you come in today for the blood test?

CALLER: Well, I’d have to call my boyfriend to see.

CLINIC: Okay. Why don’t you call him first, and then you tell me what days he’s available. And then I’ll see if those days match with our days that we are available, okay?

CALLER: Okay. But you’re sure nobody would have to know anything?

CLINIC: Right. You’re the patient, and everything is confidential. We have confidential services.

CALLER: Well, let me call him and call you back. What was your name?

CLINIC: Kathy.

CALLER: All right. Okay. Thanks.