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#341 – Planned Parenthood in Champaign, IL

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CHAMPAIGN, IL 61820-5414

TAPE – 341

(Dialing, phone ringing 2x)

CLINIC: Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood. This is Karen.

CALLER: Hi. I was wondering if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: Yes, we do. Do you want that department?

CALLER: Yeah, I guess.

CLINIC: Just a moment.


CLINIC: Good morning. Planned Parenthood. How may I help you, ma’am?

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was wondering how much an abortion would cost?

CLINIC: Okay. From four to eight weeks that would be $335.

CALLER: Well, how do you know how far along you are?

CLINIC: The first day of your last period?

CALLER: I think it was like maybe December 14th.

CLINIC: December 14th?


CLINIC: Okay. Just a minute. December 14th. Tomorrow you will be 10 weeks.


CLINIC: So that will be $425.

CALLER: My friend told me that since I’ll be 14 in March that you guys have to tell my parents I’m getting an abortion. But my boyfriend’s 22. Is he old enough to take care of it, and you won’t have to tell anybody about anything?

CLINIC: Oh, no. Honey, no. We don’t even tell your boyfriend that.


CLINIC: It’s between you and our facility.


CLINIC: No, no, no. That’s a no-no. Yeah. No, no, That’s a no-no. Nobody’s going to know. If your dad call and say, oh, I think my daughter has an appointment with you guys; can you please tell me what time is it? And I say, well, I don’t know if she have an appointment with us. But if she has an appointment and she wants to know what time, she can call me back.


CLINIC: No, honey. We don’t do that. We have a lot of teens over here, 15, even 14 years old here, as the patients. And uh-uh, that’s a no-no.

How old are you?

CALLER: I’ll be 14 in March.

CLINIC: Fourteen?


CLINIC: Okay. And do you have the money?

CALLER: Well, my boyfriend said he would take care of everything.

CLINIC: You have a medical card, sweetie?


CLINIC: You don’t?

CALLER: Uh-uh.

CLINIC: So you want to set up an appointment for tomorrow?

CALLER: Well, I have to call him and see when he can get off work. But what time tomorrow?

CLINIC: Okay. Because the quickest you get out of that, honey, that’s the best. I can give you one at 10:00. What’s the best time for you?

CALLER: I don’t know really. I’d have to call him and see when he can get off work because that’s the only way I’d be able to get there. Could you pencil me in for 10:00, and if I can’t be there, you could erase it?

CLINIC: Well, why you don’t go ahead and call your boyfriend? And then you call me back. And then we set up appointment because I have to ask you a few questions.


CLINIC: So tell him that it will probably be $425.

CALLER: But you sure you don’t have to tell anybody?

CLINIC: No, honey, trust me (laughing). This is a serious facility.


CLINIC: Okay? I don’t have to tell anybody.

CALLER: Do you guys do a pregnancy test there?


CALLER: It’s just my boyfriend doesn’t want anybody to know.

CLINIC: No, nobody going to know. This is very, very confidential. You can even hide if you want in this facility.

CALLER: Oh, okay.


CALLER: If you guys do a pregnancy test there and I wasn’t pregnant, could I get on birth control right away?

CLINIC: Yes, sweetie. And after the procedure, we can give you the Depo shot. Have you ever heard about the depo, Depo-Provera?


CLINIC: Depo-Provera is a shot that you take every three months so your parents don’t have to know that you’re taking pills. Because you know sometimes mom check the doors and everything, and kid is school, they look around. You can go for the shot every three months.

CALLER: Oh, okay. So my boyfriend and I could keep having sex with that and not have to worry about anything?

CLINIC: Yes. But you have to come the day — the due date for your next shot. What we can do is —

CALLER: But it’s all right he drives me and he’s there with me?

CLINIC: I’m sorry, sweetie?

CALLER: It’s all right if he drives me and he’s there with me?

CLINIC: Oh, yeah. He’s gonna stay with you in the waiting room but not in the surgical room.


CLINIC: So I’m just going to wait for your phone call back. But talk to him, and I will set up a spot for you at 10:00. But you have to tell me and set up an appointment. I’m just going to hold this spot for you.

CALLER: Okay. So what’s your name? So I can call you back.



CLINIC: Okay, sweetie?

CALLER: Thank you.

CLINIC: Don’t worry about the confidential because it’s 100 percent.


CLINIC: Okay, sweetheart?

CALLER: Thanks.

CLINIC: Okay. You’re welcome.