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#740 – North Florida Women’s Health & Counseling Services in Tallahassee, FL

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TAPE – 740

(Dialing, phone ringing 1x)

CLINIC: North (in) Health.

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was calling to see if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: Yes, we do.

CALLER: Okay. Well, how much does it cost for that?

CLINIC: It depends how far along you are and your blood type.

CALLER: Okay. Well, how do you know how far along you are?

CLINIC: Well, when was your last period?

CALLER: January 3rd.

CLINIC: January what?

CALLER: 3rd.

CLINIC: Okay. One moment.


CLINIC: Was it normal?


CLINIC: Okay. You did a pregnancy test, right?

CALLER: Well, not yet.

CLINIC: You haven’t?

CALLER: No. I just haven’t had my period in a while, and I’m just scared.

CLINIC: So you didn’t have it February nor March?

CALLER: Right.

CLINIC: I would do a pregnancy test first.

CALLER: Could I come in there for that?

CLINIC: You can’t (unclear). I have no one to run it. I can put it in the refrigerator and call back in the morning. They’ve just left. We can do that, and they are free. I would have to have you call back in the morning if you did that.

CALLER: Well, could I just come in tomorrow then?

CLINIC: Tomorrow you can come in 9 to 4 to do that. Have you been under a lot of stress or anything or a different atmosphere.

CALLER: I’m not really sure. The thing is, I’m going to be 14 later on this month, and my friend said that you guys would have to tell my parents. But my boyfriend’s 22. Could he just sign whatever it is, and you wouldn’t have to tell anybody I was getting an abortion?

CLINIC: Well, right now, they went to court on Monday about that. Our administrator has not told us a word about it. Evidently, I’m not sure that that law went through yet. She hasn’t told us that you do need consent. Right now you do not need a parent’s consent.


CLINIC: And she will be here tomorrow also. But she would have told us right away if it was into effect, and she hasn’t told us anything. So I’m sure it’s not in effect yet. Sometimes it takes like 15 days or something like that. So you look like you’re fine.

But first of all, you do need to start with a pregnancy test, and then we can go from there. And it would be $305 to $340 for that, depending on your blood type. But at first start with a pregnancy test, because a lot of things keep you from having your period. Are you on the pill or anything?

CALLER: No. Like I was wondering, we were wanting to get that if I wasn’t pregnant or afterwards.

CLINIC: That’s fine. We do do (unclear) and give out birth control and things like that. So what you can do, if you want to come in in the morning, they are free. Just walk in before 4, and they’d be happy to do a pregnancy test on you. And then we’ll go from there.

CALLER: The thing is, me and my boyfriend were talking about all this, and he said he would pay cash for everything. But he was just worried that he would have to — we don’t want anyone to know about us.

CLINIC: We don’t tell anybody. We’re very confidential. The thing is — and my director will be here to verify that you don’t need a consent right now. I mean, we had some people come in this weekend, and we have not been told to tell them that they have to have a parental consent. So my thing is that it’s not passed yet. Like I said, sometimes it takes days for that to go through anyway, if it is passed. So apparently it hasn’t gone through yet. And sometimes it takes two and three court dates. So right now it looks as though you don’t need it. But we’ll have more information for you on that tomorrow if you want to come in.

CALLER: So if it turned out that I wasn’t pregnant, I could get birth control, and you wouldn’t have to tell anybody?

CLINIC: Tomorrow? That one too, no. We don’t have to tell anybody for birth control. That’s for you.



CALLER: You guys are open tomorrow from when?

CLINIC: From 9 to 5, but you have to get here before 4:00 for that pregnancy test.

CALLER: Do I need an appointment for that?

CLINIC: No, you don’t. You walk in.



CALLER: All right. Well, of I had any other questions, could I call and talk to you? What was your name?

CLINIC: My name’s Beverly.

CALLER: Okay. All right. Thanks.

CLINIC: I’ll be here tomorrow.


CLINIC: Okay. Bye.


#218 – Planned Parenthood in Tallahassee, FL

Listen to the Call:


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2121 W. PENSACOLA ST. # B2
TALLAHASSEE, FL 32304-3151

TAPE – 218

(dialing sound) (ringing 3X)

CLINIC: Good afternoon. Planned Parenthood. This is Cynthia.

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was wondering if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: No, we sure don’t.

CALLER: Do you know of any place that does?

CLINIC: Yes, I sure do. Hang on just a second, and I’ll give you the numbers.

CALLER: All right.

CLINIC: You can call the North Florida Women’s Health and Counseling.


CLINIC: That number is 877-3183.


CLINIC: And Dr. Charles Cooper’s office does it.


CLINIC: 877-7106.



CALLER: Well, is it all right if I ask a couple questions? Like I’m just scared. I don’t know. But like my friend told me that you guys have to know — you guys have to tell my parents and stuff. Like I’ll be 14 in March.

CLINIC: Right.

CALLER: Like do my parents have to know?

CLINIC: Well, I don’t — we don’t do the abortions here, and if we did they wouldn’t know. But I don’t know what to tell you on that because you’ll have to call one of those numbers I gave you and ask them.


CLINIC: If you ask them if you can be anonymous.

CALLER: Okay. Would they ask anything about my boyfriend or anything? Because he said he was going to take care of everything because he’s 22, and he’s going to take care of everything, but would they have to know anything about him?

CLINIC: I wouldn’t think so.

CALLER: Okay. So it would be all right if he paid for everything, but they wouldn’t say anything about him?

CLINIC: They shouldn’t. I mean, like I said, you can call and ask them.

CALLER: Okay. Well, my friend actually just gave me your number because she went there. But is it okay if I had like a pregnancy test there?

CLINIC: Yeah, you can have a pregnancy test here.


CLINIC: To confirm it if you’re not sure.

CALLER: Okay. Well, I don’t know. But is it okay like to have a pregnancy test and you guys wouldn’t have to tell anybody that I was there?

CLINIC: No, we don’t tell anybody anything.

CALLER: Okay. Like after the —

CLINIC: You’re the only one that we would only talk to, and that’s it.

CALLER: Okay. If it ended up after the pregnancy test that I wasn’t pregnant, do you guys do birth control there?

CLINIC: Yes, we do.

CALLER: And you wouldn’t have to tell anybody that I’m on birth control?

CLINIC: Right. Okay?

CALLER: Okay. Well, is it okay if my boyfriend picks up the pills or whatever?

CLINIC: Yeah, as long as you leave his name.



CALLER: All right.

CLINIC: Thank you.

CALLER: Thanks.

CLINIC: All right. Bye.


(phone clicks)

*** THE END ***