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#511 – Planned Parenthood in Woodland, CA

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WOODLAND, CA 95695-3603

TAPE – 511

(dialing sounds.)

CLINIC: Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood Woodland Health Center. (Spanish interpretation) If this is a true medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911. If you have questions about birth control, pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted infection testing or symptoms, please call our Facts of Life Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 1-800-711-9848. Please listen to all your options before making a selection. For directions to the center, please press “5.” If you wish to speak to the next available staff member, please press zero. Thank you. (dial sound)

One moment, please, while I transfer your call.


Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood. How can I help you?

CALLER: Yeah. I was wondering if you guys do abortions there?

CLINIC: We don’t, but we do them in Sacramento. I could give you the number.

CALLER: All right.

CLINIC: It’s 916-446-6921.

CALLER: Okay. Well, do you know — like I’m just worried because like, well, my friend said that since I’m going to be 14 in March she said that they would have to tell my parents. But my boyfriend’s 22. Could he just sign whatever it is and they wouldn’t have to tell anybody about anything?

CLINIC: Let me doublecheck, okay? I’ll put you on hold.

CALLER: All right. (pause)

CLINIC: Ma’am?

CALLER: Uh-huh.

CLINIC: You don’t need parental consent for that.

CALLER: Oh, okay. All right. Well, could I come in there for a pregnancy test just to see?

CLINIC: Tomorrow between the 9:00 and 11:00 and 2:00 to 4:00.

CALLER: Okay. Well, my boyfriend would be the only one that could bring me. Would it be all right if he’s there with me?

CLINIC: That’s fine.

CALLER: Okay. Well, it’s just, the thing is, we were talking about all this and we decided that we don’t want a whole bunch of people to know about us. Would you have to ask him anything?

CLINIC: Let me put you on hold. Okay?

CALLER: All right.

CLINIC: What were you saying?

CALLER: I was just wondering if you guys would have to ask my boyfriend any questions if he was there.

CLINIC: Ask him any questions? Do you not want him to know anything? Or —

CALLER: Well, he knows. I mean, we’ve been talking about it. But it’s just, we don’t want anyone to know — we don’t want a whole bunch of people to know about us because —

CLINIC: Okay. He doesn’t know anything and we don’t need to ask him anything. But because you guys — you know, the different ages? CPS might get involved.

CALLER: What is that? What do you mean?

CLINIC: Okay. How old are you?

CALLER: I’ll be 14 in March.

CLINIC: And how old is he?

CALLER: He’s 22.

CLINIC: Okay. He’s 22, you’re 14. You’re still a minor.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

CLINIC: So because of that purpose, CPS might get involved due to your age difference. You’re still a minor. He’s already an adult.

CALLER: Oh. Well, who would have to call them?

CLINIC: Who is going to call them?


CLINIC: By law — hold on. Let me put you on hold. Okay?

CALLER: All right.

CLINIC: Thanks for holding. (another clinic worker.)


CLINIC: You say you’re 14 and he’s 22?

CALLER: Well, I’ll be 14 in March, yeah.

CLINIC: So you’re 13?


CLINIC: Yeah, so if you come in most likely we will need to, you know, call CPS and make them aware of the situation.

CALLER: What situation? What do you mean?

CLINIC: The situation that he’s an adult and you’re a minor, and you’re having, you know, intercourse with him.

CALLER: Well, why is that bad?

CLINIC: Because you’re a minor.

CALLER: Well, but —

CLINIC: But under state regulations —

CALLER: He’s not hurting me or anything. I mean, we’re in love. We’re going to get married. He said he was going to take care of me forever.

CLINIC: Yeah. But that’s the law. It’s the law. So if you come in and you tell us, you know, how old you are and how old he is, we have to report it to CPS.

CALLER: Well, what if I don’t tell you?

CLINIC: Well, if you don’t tell us then that will be on you.

CALLER: Oh, okay.

CLINIC: But if they do ask you and you do tell them, you know, just to let you know that CPS will be called.



CALLER: But I just wanted to get a pregnancy test because I don’t know if I am pregnant. I’m just scared because I haven’t had my period since like December.

CLINIC: Yeah? Yeah. Well, when you come in we can run a pregnancy test. But if they do ask you, you know, and you do tell them, we have to report it.

CALLER: Well, if it came out that I wasn’t pregnant, would I be able to get birth control and you guys wouldn’t have to tell anybody?

CLINIC: Well, as long as you don’t tell us his age or anything then that should be fine.

CALLER: Okay. It’s just I don’t want to have to worry about all this again. So.

CLINIC: Definitely. It’s just to let you know and make you aware that it is against the law, and by law we have to call CPS and let them know.

CALLER: All right.

CLINIC: Okay? Just to let you know. And then if you go anywhere else it will be the same situation.

CALLER: Really?

CLINIC: Um-hum.


CLINIC: It’s state law.

CALLER: Well, if I wasn’t pregnant and I was on birth control pills from there, would he — it’s just, I don’t — I can’t drive yet. Would he be able to pick them up?


CALLER: Oh, really?

CLINIC: It has to be you.

CALLER: Okay. All right.


CALLER: Well, so, what was your name?

CLINIC: My name is Patty.

CALLER: Oh, okay.


CALLER: All right. Thanks.

CLINIC: Bye bye.



*** THE END ***