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San Luis Obispo

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#379 – Planned Parenthood in San Luis Obispo, CA

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SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 93401-3921

TAPE – 379

(Dialing, phone ringing 1x)

RECORDING: Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood San Luis Obispo (?). If you know the extension of the person you’re trying to reach, you may dial it at anytime. For staff directories, press 4. (Message in Spanish). For walk-in pregnancy test hours, press 303. To reach the pill refill line, press 3. To make an appointment, cancel or confirm an appointment, press 1 (dial button pressed).

(Phone ringing 1x)

CLINIC: Planned Parenthood. Can you hold please?


CLINIC: Thank you.

(Long pause)

CLINIC: Thank you for holding. Can I help you?

CALLER: Yeah. I was wondering if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: Yes, we do.

CALLER: How much does that cost?

CLINIC: It would start at 350.


CLINIC: You need to come in and talk to a pregnancy counselor.

CALLER: Yeah, I guess. I don’t know.

CLINIC: You need to come in and talk to a pregnancy counselor. That’s the first step.


CLINIC: She’s going to be here tomorrow from 9 to 11:30.

CALLER: Could I ask you a question real quick?

CLINIC: Uh-huh.

CALLER: I’m just really scared because my friend told me that — well, I’ll be 14 in March, and she said that my parents would have to know. But my boyfriend’s 22. Could he just sign whatever, and you guys wouldn’t have to tell anybody?

CLINIC: Well, we don’t need to know how old your boyfriend is first of all —

CALLER: Oh, okay.

CLINIC: — because it sounds like we would have to report it.

CALLER: What do you mean report it? Who would you have to report it to?

CLINIC: Because he’s over 18 and you’re 14. So as long as you don’t tell us, everything’s fine. And we don’t need your parent’s consent, and we don’t need his consent either.

CALLER: Oh, okay.

CLINIC: So it’s just you.

CALLER: Could I come in for a pregnancy test tomorrow?

CLINIC: Yeah. That’s done on a walk-in basis. And she’s going to be here tomorrow between 9 and 11:30, like I said. And she’s taking like the first four to five people that walk in. And it’s not just for a pregnancy test. There’s also going to be some counseling involved and some education.

CALLER: If it turned out that I wasn’t pregnant, could I get birth control there?

CLINIC: Not at that time. You would make an appointment to come back, and this time it would be to see the clinician.

CALLER: But if I was on birth control, would you have to tell anybody?

CLINIC: No, not at all.

CALLER: Okay. Well, what was your name?

CLINIC: My name is Maria.

CALLER: Thanks.

CLINIC: You’re welcome.