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#738 – Center For Choice in Mobile, AL

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MOBILE, AL 36606

TAPE – 738

(Dialing, phone ringing)

CLINIC: Center for Choice. May I help you?

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was calling to see if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: We do.

CALLER: How much does it cost for that?

CLINIC: It varies. Is this for you?


CLINIC: How many weeks of pregnancy?

CALLER: I’m not really sure. I just haven’t had my period since January 3rd.

CLINIC: January 3rd. Let’s see. Let me estimate that for you then. Was that when it began or ended, honey?

CALLER: Began.

CLINIC: Okay. And was that one pretty normal compared to your others?


CLINIC: About nine weeks now, so you’re in the first trimester.


CLINIC: Do you know if your blood type if positive or negative?

CALLER: I’m not really sure.

CLINIC: Okay. Because that’s a factor too that goes in to making up the fee. Have you ever been pregnant before?


CLINIC: Well, I’ll give you the information both ways. Most of us — about 85 percent of us — are RH positive. So the odds are that’s what you are. And do you have insurance or would this be private pay?

CALLER: Well, my boyfriend said that he would pay for everything. But the thing is, I’m going to be 14 later on this month, and my friend said that you guys would have to tell my parents. But my boyfriend’s 22. Would he be able to take care of everything, and you wouldn’t have to tell my parents?

CLINIC: No. In Alabama, you do have to have the consent of one parent or legal guardian.


CLINIC: And they do have to come to the clinic to do that.

CALLER: Really?

CLINIC: Where are you calling me from?

CALLER: Prattville.

CLINIC: In your phone back — do you have the Montgomery phone book?


CLINIC: Do they list one of the clinics in Pensacola? Because in Florida, if you’re 14 or over, you need no one’s consent. And there are two clinics in Pensacola. Do they list one in your phone book? I don’t have them here.

CALLER: I would have to look, but I think I can find it.

CLINIC: Okay. And that would be a way around it. If you don’t feel comfortable to involve your parents, then you could just go to Pensacola.

CALLER: Well, could I come there for a pregnancy test just to make sure?

CLINIC: They’ll do all that for you?

CALLER: In Pensacola?

CLINIC: Um-hmm, yeah. You’re in Prattville? You might want to go to one of the clinics there in Montgomery just to get your pregnancy test.


CLINIC: The best one I know of — and I don’t have their phone number handy. But it’s Reproductive Health Service. And they’re downtown, like down on Perry.

CALLER: Okay. Well, it’s just my boyfriend gave me the number where you’re at. And I have a friend that lives in Mount Vernon. So we were actually wanting to go to you guys.

CLINIC: Yeah. Well, you would need to have one parent or legal guardian with you.

CALLER: But I mean like to get a pregnancy test.

CLINIC: Well, you really don’t — I mean, we’ll be glad to do it for you. You’re in Prattville now?


CLINIC: Yeah. As I said, there’s a good center there in Montgomery. They’d be a lot closer for you.

CALLER: Okay. But would anybody have to know if I was getting a pregnancy test?


CALLER: Oh, okay.

CLINIC: That is your private business.

CALLER: So my parents don’t have to be there for that?

CLINIC: Right.

CALLER: Okay. It’s just me and my boyfriend were talking about all this, and he said he would pay cash for everything. But we don’t want anybody to know about us. Would he have to sign anything or fill out any forms?

CLINIC: Nope. Nope. And your best bet, it sounds like, is going to Pensacola to have the procedure done. But the clinic in Montgomery that can do a reliable test for you and is probably going to be not that hard for you to get to is Reproductive Health Service. And they’re on Perry Street. That’s now near the governor’s mansion, in that old part of town.

CALLER: Well, if it ended up that I wasn’t pregnant, could I get birth control too?

CLINIC: Probably with them. Probably so.

CALLER: But would they have to tell anybody if I was on birth control?

CLINIC: No. At 14 or over, you are entitled to any component of health care without your parent’s consent except for abortion. And that’s in Alabama. Florida doesn’t have that law.



CALLER: I just wish I could talk to my mom like I’m talking to you. Could I call you if I had any other questions?

CLINIC: My name is Pat. And the director of the clinic in Montgomery is June. And you’ll find that she’s understanding too.

CALLER: Really? All right.


CALLER: Okay. Thanks.

CLINIC: All right. Good luck. Bye bye.


#230 – Planned Parenthood in Mobile, AL

Listen to the Call:


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PO BOX 40262
MOBILE, AL 36640

TAPE – 230

(dialing sound) (ringing 1X)

RECORDING: Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood of Alabama’s Mobile Clinic. If you know the extension you’re trying to reach, you can enter it at any time during this call. To make an appointment press zero. For clinic hours — (dial sound) Please hold on while I try that extension.

CLINIC: Good afternoon. Planned Parenthood. Would you hold, please?


CLINIC: (pause) Thank you for holding. Can I help you?

CALLER: Yeah. I was wondering if you guys do abortions there.

CLINIC: Yes, we do — on Tuesdays only.

CALLER: Okay. Well, do you have to be — like my friend told me that since like I’ll be 14 in March that you guys have to tell my parents. But my boyfriend’s 22. Could he just take care of that?

CLINIC: No, he cannot. You have to have a parent come in with you and there’s certain things that you’re going to need to bring in.


CLINIC: You have to bring in your original birth certificate, a picture ID. It needs to be a school ID or a non driver’s license. And your parent needs to come with you; and also the parent that brings you, they need to have the same last name as you do. It has to — it’s the state law here you have to parent consent.

CALLER: But I can’t tell my parents because they would — they hate my boyfriend because they say he’s too old for me, but —

CLINIC: Well, he is too old for you. He’s over, you know, 18, and you’re a minor.

CALLER: But we’re in love. We’re going to get married.

CLINIC: The only thing I can have you do, I can — they have a clinic in Florida that you can go to. You don’t have to have a consent, but if you do want to have it here in Alabama you will have to have a waiver to get that done. And I can give you some information on that.


CLINIC: You have to go the courthouse and get a judicial bypass in order to do that.

CALLER: Do I have to get a lawyer for that?

CLINIC: No. You just need to contact the — you’re going to have to get a representative. Yes, you definitely will have to have that.

CALLER: How do I pay for that?

CLINIC: There’s not a fee for that.


CLINIC: But you need to call the courthouse and get some information on that. If you want to hold on a moment?


CLINIC: (pause) Hi, ma’am?


CLINIC: Okay. So you need to — where do you live at?

CALLER: I live in Mt. Vernon.

CLINIC: Okay. Mt. Vernon — is that here in Mobile? So wherever you have a termination you do need to go to the courthouse in that county and get a judicial bypass. You just need to go to the courthouse and ask them for the paperwork for that.



CALLER: Or go to Florida?

CLINIC: Florida is the only place you don’t have to have a consent. What is the age limit down here for Florida? She’s 14. Hold on one moment. Okay. Let me give you the number to Florida also, okay?


CLINIC: Okay, that number is 800-866-3058. Is there any way you can come in and I can give you some information on how to go about getting the judicial bypass?

CALLER: I’d have to call my boyfriend and see when he can bring me, but.

CLINIC: Okay. If you want to do that, we can get that to you, or I can mail it to you. Is there somewhere you can receive mail?

CALLER: Well, no.

CLINIC: How many weeks are you?

CALLER: I don’t know. Like, well the last time I had my period was like the second week in December.

CLINIC: I’m sorry?

CALLER: The last time I had my period was like the second week in December, so.

CLINIC: December what?

CALLER: I guess like December 12th.

CLINIC: Okay. So if it was December 12th, right now you’re looking at about 9 weeks, 4 days.


CLINIC: Okay? But you do need to get that taken care of as soon as possible if you’re going to go to the courthouse and get the bypass.

CALLER: But like if —

CLINIC: And there’s no charge for filing the petition, not at all.


CLINIC: You get a court-appointed lawyer.

CALLER: So if I come in there for like a pregnancy test is it all right if my boyfriend brings me? You guys wouldn’t have to tell about him or anything?

CLINIC: Well, you can come. Everything is confidential here. Pregnancy tests. And it’s $5.00.


CLINIC: You’ll need to fill out a sheet, but everything is confidential.



CALLER: So like if it ended up that I wasn’t pregnant, do you guys have birth control there?

CLINIC: Yes, we do.

CALLER: But you wouldn’t have to tell anybody about that either?

CLINIC: You’ll need to fill out paperwork, yes. But, no, we don’t contact anyone, no.

CALLER: Okay. Is it all right if I call you back with the, to figure out when to make an appointment?

CLINIC: You sure can.

CALLER: What was your name?

CLINIC: My name is Ellen.


CLINIC: Thank you.

CALLER: Thanks.

CLINIC: Bye bye.

(phone clicks)

*** THE END ***