Facts on abortion clinics - pro-life organization tapes Planned Parenthood offering to conceal child abuse Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation protect men who commit child abuse & statutory rape
Right to life group tapes Planned Parenthood offers to conceal statutory rape Report on Planned Parenthood clinics cover-up of child abuse and statutory rape Stop Planned Parenthood's abuse cover-up Abortion workers - statutory rape is a crime. Penalties for failure to report child abuse
Tapes reveal that Planned Parenthood and the NAF routinely protect men who sexually abuse underage girls Planned Parenthood & NAF abortion clinics make more money by concealing child abuse and statutory rape Prosecute Planned Parenthood clinics that ignore child abuse reporting laws & help men conceal child abuse Parents and victims can sue for damages because failure to report puts at children at risk for continued abuse A report on Planned Parenthood concealing child sexual abuse and the legal rights of parental rights to sue Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation protect men who commit child abuse & statutory rape
Child Abuse Investigations Seek Abortion Clinic Records


Child rape is a serious crime and under both Kansas and Indiana law, when a girl under 14 is pregnant, she has been raped. A Kansas court has subpoenaed abortion clinic medical records likely to contain evidence of child rape and illegal late term abortions, issues being investigated by Attorney General Phill Kline. Planned Parenthood of Indiana has sued to prevent the Attorney General and the Medical Fraud Control Unit, from seeing the medical records of 12- and 13-year-old child abuse victims. Certainly, the Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer of a state, has the duty to investigate potential child abuse in order to protect children. And, as was previously proven by Life Dynamics, abortion clinics routinely cover up child rape.

As detailed on this web site, during a two year investigation Life Dynamics legally recorded over 800 calls to Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation facilities where the caller portrayed a 13-year-old girl who was pregnant by an adult and wanted an abortion in order to hide the illegal sexual relationship from her parents and the authorities. On the tapes many of the clinic workers can be heard telling the caller that this situation was unlawful and that they're legally required to report it to the state. However, even after acknowledging this, 91 percent of the 800 facilities contacted agreed to illegally conceal it.

So it's no surprise that abortion clinics in Kansas and Indiana have failed to turn over the medical records that could prove they have been helping sexual predators conceal child rape. Abortion clinic representatives in Kansas have even gone so far as to openly declare in published reports that they will not comply with the state's mandatory reporting laws. However, the Kansas legislature has followed the Attorney General's lead and has just passed a law to stop abortion clinics from protecting predators by destroying fetal tissue DNA that could be used to prosecute cases of child rape and get sexual predators off the streets. Visit this page often for the latest news, commentary and interviews related to the abortion clinic investigations by the Kansas Attorney General and the Indiana Attorney General, the Ohio lawsuit against Planned Parenthood for "aiding and abetting" the abuse of 13-year-old girl by a 21-year-old man, and more on this breaking issue!

As the story of non-reporting becomes more widely known, victims are beginning to pursue legal actions against the clinics that harbored their tormentors.  These clinics must be and will be held accountable for their neglect of the law that protects these young girls.

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Notice that abortion clinics don't deny they violate the law and conceal child rape, but rather these clinics argue that abortion "privacy" protects adult-on-child sex.

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