Facts on abortion clinics - pro-life organization tapes Planned Parenthood offering to conceal child abuse Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation protect those who commit child abuse & statutory rape
Right to life group tapes Planned Parenthood offers to conceal statutory rape Report on Planned Parenthood clinics cover-up of child abuse and statutory rape Stop Planned Parenthood's abuse cover-up Abortion workers - statutory rape is a crime. Penalties for failure to report child abuse
Tapes reveal that Planned Parenthood and the NAF routinely protect men who sexually abuse underage girls Planned Parenthood & NAF abortion clinics make more money by concealing child abuse and statutory rape Prosecute Planned Parenthood clinics that ignore child abuse reporting laws & help men conceal child abuse Parents and victims can sue for damages because failure to report puts at children at risk for continued abuse A report on Planned Parenthood concealing child sexual abuse and the legal rights of parental rights to sue Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation protect men who commit child abuse & statutory rape


Who's Protecting Child Predators?

This video is an expanded version of the 1-hour broadcast. It includes the entire program and much more. See for yourself how Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation and the abortion industry are breaking the law and helping to cover up for sexual predators who are exploiting underage girls. You will be shocked and angry when you hear how willing these groups are to help cover up for child predators, in order to make a profit.

The LDI undercover investigation has gathered evidence showing how tax dollars are being used to pay for a massive cover-up of child sexual exploitation - with many times more victims than the current church sex abuse scandal that is so prominent in the media. Hear some of the actual undercover tapes!

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