Facts on abortion clinics - pro-life organization tapes Planned Parenthood offering to conceal child abuse Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation protect men who commit child abuse & statutory rape
Right to life group tapes Planned Parenthood offers to conceal statutory rape Report on Planned Parenthood clinics cover-up of child abuse and statutory rape Stop Planned Parenthood's abuse cover-up Abortion workers - statutory rape is a crime. Penalties for failure to report child abuse
Tapes reveal that Planned Parenthood and the NAF routinely protect men who sexually abuse underage girls Planned Parenthood & NAF abortion clinics make more money by concealing child abuse and statutory rape Prosecute Planned Parenthood clinics that ignore child abuse reporting laws & help men conceal child abuse Parents and victims can sue for damages because failure to report puts at children at risk for continued abuse A report on Planned Parenthood concealing child sexual abuse and the legal rights of parental rights to sue Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation protect men who commit child abuse & statutory rape
Numerous causes of action available against those who fail to report
A partial list of civil claims that a victim may be able to pursue
The parents of a victim may also be able to pursue a claim
Possible actions available against any referring parties
Class action lawsuits and other options to consider
Criminal actions for failing to comply with the law

A wide array of actions can be pursued against abortion providers and facilitators or any other "family planning service" personnel that fail to comply with mandatory reporting laws.

Contact Life Dynamics at 940-380-8800 if you have questions or need additional information about the prosecution of civil causes of action against a healthcare provider, clinic worker or "family planning service" for failing to report statutory rape and other sexual abuse.

Read the LDI Special Report on Child Predators

The negligence of the providers is the basis for a variety of civil claims. Whenever a provider has a duty to the victim, then they have liability when they fail to meet that duty.

Principally, the victim may be entitled to various personal injury claims.

Possible Federal Court claims include: Mann Act violations with attendant civil claims, FACE claims for interfering with the child victim, Civil Rights claims of various character, and Interstate Fraud;

Some of the many possible State Court claims include:

  • Negligence per se, since the statute is designed to protect the child and the failure to report the abuse violates the statute and causes harm
  • Strict liability, where intentional behavior of not reporting the abuse exposes the victim to a risk (there is liability for the actual harm caused if a healthcare provider or clinic employee refuses to comply with the state reporting requirements)
  • Gross negligence, for failing to act on the behalf of the child by reporting abuse at a time when there was a statutory duty to act and such conduct demonstrated a disregard for the consequences that would befall the child
  • Breach of a fiduciary duty to the child in failing to properly counsel and protect the child from the abuser
  • Fraud in the inducement, when false statements are used soliciting the abortion or promoting the distribution of birth control to underage girls
  • Negligent referral (occurs when one facility refers the victim to another)
  • The intentional action to compromise the relationship between parent and child by circumventing the state's regulations for reporting
  • Interference with the parent/child relationship by circumventing parental involvement laws
  • Alienation of affection in the parent and child relationship
  • Misuse of legal procedure, when a clinic employee uses or encourages fraud in order to obtain a waiver or judicial bypass for an underage girl
  • Intentional infliction of emotional distress on the child and the child's parents

Please be aware that this is just a partial list of the possible civil claims that a victim or her parents may have against any healthcare providers, clinic workers, managers, owners or "family planning service" personnel who violate the law and fail to report possible child sexual abuse/statutory rape. Also, please note that many of the above causes of action allow for both actual damage awards and punitive damage awards.

Girls who have been sexually exploited by an adult male may be entitled to damages in cases when a healthcare provider or clinic employee failed to comply with state reporting laws. Victims can obtain additional information on their legal rights by contacting Life Dynamics at 940-380-8000.

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The parents of underage victims of statutory rape may have negligence claims of their own as well as claims for medical expenses, psychiatric damages, physical damages and care for their daughter and grandchild if they have been injured.

If you are the parent of a child who has been sexually exploited by an adult, then call Life Dynamics at 940-380-8800 find out about your right to pursue the prosecution of civil causes of action against a healthcare provider, clinic worker or "family planning service" for failing to report this abuse.

Click here to visit our site for the parents of victims of this abuse.

Both the underage victims of sexual abuse and their parents may be entitled to seek damages against those who refer these girls to healthcare providers, abortion clinics or "family planning service" groups, especially when there is a failure to report as required by law.

School districts need to be especially cautious because they are responsible for supervising a large number of underage girls. If a school district is in any way associated with a "family planning service" or abortion clinic that provides services to an underage girl without reporting to the state, the district could be brought into any subsequent litigation. (Click here to learn more about school district liabilities.)

Furthermore, in a Bridgeport, Connecticut case, the referring physicians are facing criminal charges for their failure to report. In addition, the perpetrator and his family or employer face the same level of liability for acting in concert with an abortion or birth control provider to commit any of the above violations. If you have questions about pursuing a lawsuit against a referring party in any case that involves a failure to report, then call Life Dynamics at 940-380-8800.

Any of the claims available to the underage victims of sexual exploitation and to their parents may be incorporated into a single claim for a class of victims by a class action lawsuit. Class action lawsuits can include many defendants in a single case when their behavior is uniform and consistent in plan and purpose.

In addition, there are other civil claims that the underage victims or their parents may be entitled to pursue (A) against the adult men who commit statutory rape and sexually abuse underage girls or (B) against those who fail to comply with laws that require reporting to child protective services or law enforcement.

Every state requires healthcare workers to report any possible cases of child sexual abuse, which includes statutory rape, and "family planning service" providers are not exempt.

Failure to report all such cases to child protective services or the designated state agency is a violation of one or more laws, a few of which are highlighted below. (Civil liabilities are also likely to be incurred by anyone involved in failing to report these situations.)

Failing to comply with mandatory reporting statutes

  • Clinic workers who fail to report any and all possible cases of abuse where a pregnant underage girl may be the victim of sexual abuse by an adult are violating the law. Moreover, in such cases, the clinic managers may also be found guilty of failing to properly supervise their employees and insure reporting. The clinic owners may also be guilty if they have established policies and procedures that encourage their employees to evade the laws requiring reporting.

Obstruction of justice in concealing the felony of statutory rape

  • Clinic workers who actively participate in concealing the conduct of an adult man who is having sex with an underage girl are guilty of this crime. Their clinic managers may be found to be complicit by failing to supervise workers and prevent their criminal conduct. "Family planning" clinic owners who have established policies and procedures that either direct or permit the concealment of criminal conduct are likewise guilty.

Conspiracy to commit the felony of statutory rape by the provision of birth control to a minor

  • This would apply to any "family planning service" personnel, healthcare providers or clinic workers who agree to make provision for this offense to be committed by providing birth control to underage girls involved with adult men, without any report to authorities.

Fraud in the procurement of distribution of state funds for family planning by failing to comply with state laws for the reporting of child abuse

  • Filing false official documents or failing to file an accurate affidavit of compliance may subject the parties involved to severe penalties. Failing to disclose the lack of compliance with state laws in the applications for "Title X" funding is also a violation of the law.

If you are a clinic worker, then you should be sure to visit www.ClinicWorker.com to learn how to protect yourself from potential legal jeopardy.

If your employer asks you to cover up statutory rape or encourages workers not comply with mandatory reporting laws or asks you to shred documents which contain evidence of criminal conduct, then call Life Dynamics at 940-380-8800 to learn what you can do to protect yourself.

Victims & parents of victims can contact us to learn more about their right to pursue damages.
Whistleblowers, if you've been told not to report statutory rape or other abuse, click here.
Click here to request a free printed copy of LDI's Special Report on Child Predators.